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Mr. Rokusaburo Michiba The "Iron Chef" Mr. Rokusaburo Michiba hails from Yamanaka Onsen. Blessed with products from the mountains, the area is also reknowned for its nearby Hashidate Port, which is a famous fishing port for snow crabs and other fresh seafoods. A land of pure water and wonderful ingredients cultivates an excellent chef.
Yamanaka Onsen has been a favourite place of many food lovers, including famous personalities like Rosanjin Kitaoji. Furthermore, Yamanaka is also famous for locally produced Yamanaka Lacquerware, and as the birthplace of Kutaniyaki Porcelain. The tableware used in serving traditional Kaga Kaiseiki cusine is another thing you can apprciate while enjoying Kaga's food culture.

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<Rokusaburo Michiba Hot-pot Series>

Come and enjoy the "Seasonal Hot-pot" series prepared using a unique recipe from the renowned Japanese Iron Chef Mr. Rokusaburo Michiba along with local ingredients; a mouth-watering dish that utilizes fresh local products with a hint of Mr. Michiba's special seasoning taste. You will sure feel the luxury of eating the dish with Yamanaka Lacquerwares as well. Please go to the "Event" page for more information. Venue: "Machibito Tabibito-tei Restaurant".

Seasonal Hot-pot
Seasonal Hot-potSeasonal Hot-pot

Information on eateries at the Onsen District can be found on the website of "Yamanaka Onsen Restaurant Association". You can search for a restaurant according to your preferences. (Japanese only)