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The Great Sugi of Kayano Yukemuri Kenkomori Rest Area Tengu-iwa Rock Ioji Temple Katsura Josui Fountain Yamanaka Lacquerware Traditional Industry Museum Mugen-an Koorogi-bashi Bridge Kakusenkei Gorge Ayatori-hashi Bridge Tsurugataki Waterfall Kiku-no-yu Bashodo Hut Kurotani-hashi Bridge Yamanaka-za Ashiyu (Foot Spa) Basho's Hall
Yamanaka Onsen Area Loop Bus --

Yamanaka Onsen Area Loop Bus -- "Osanpo-go"

You can get on and off the bus as many times as you want and appreciate the beauty of the Nature. This Loop Bus is convenient for going to various sightseeing spots and art galleries in the Onsen District. Moreover, you can also look forward to meeting our charming local volunteer bus guides who will tell you more about this Onsen District.

Recommendation sightseeing course

Kakusekei Gorge Trail Walking Course(about 30 minutes/about 1,3km)
Trace the footsteps of Poet Basho(about 50 minutes/about 0.3km)
Basho-no-Yakata Museum Site of Izumiya Ryokan the Japanese Style hotel Where Basho stayed Ashiyu (Foot Spa) "Kiku-no-yu""Yamanaka-za" Ioji Temple(Temple treasure exhibition freedom seeing)
A Walk along the streets of Yamanaka Onsen(about 1 hour/about 1,2km)
Koorogi-bashi Bridge Minami-machi Yuge kaido District "Kiku-no-yu""Yamanaka-za" Souvenir Shops The Shamisen-dori Ave Basho-do Hut Kurotani-hashi Bridge

Oku-Yamanaka Nature Tou

To the source of Yamanaka Onsen. This bus tour will take you to Watani Dam, Tsuru-gataki Waterfall and Kenmin-no-mori, where you can enjoy the beautiful greenery, autumn foliages, and natural forests. Please go to the "Event" Page for more information.

Sarugataki Waterfall
Sarugataki Waterfall
Kakusenkei Gorge
Kakusenkei Gorge