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Annual Event Information

Available all through the year

  • "Yamanaka-bushi Traditional Folk Song and Seasonal Dances" at Yamanaka-za; Show times: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  • "Eiheiji Odekake-go" -- Bus that links Yamanaka Onsen and Eiheiji Temple; available daily from March 1st ~ November 30th.
  • "Stamp Rally" -- you can get a gift just by visiting various spots that are connected with Poet Basho.


A stroll in Oku-Yamanaka

A stroll in Oku-Yamanaka
"Cherry Blossom Tour"

13th April
"Greenery Tour"
Sundays of May (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th)

Kakusenkei Gorge Riverbed

New Sightseeing Spot -- "Kakusenkei Gorge Riverbed"
Open daily from April 1st ~ October 31st
You can take a short break at the Riverbed when strolling along the Kakusenkei Gorge.

Yamanaka Lacquerware Festival

"Yamanaka Lacquerware Festival"
May 3rd and May 4th
A numer of events with the main focus on the Yamanaka Lacquerware.


Ko-kutani Porcelain Festival

"The 34th Ko-kutani Porcelain Festival": Bringing back the golden time of Kutani
June 27th and June 28th
Exhibitions of masterpieces of Ko-kutani Porcelain, as well as exhibitions of modern procelain articles created by local artists.

Firefly Watching

"Firefly Watching", along the clear water sources
Enjoy a magical moment in the beautiful Nature.

Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival

A Nostalgic Summer Festival of the Local Village Shrine
"The 32nd Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival"

July 25th ~ August 24th every year
You will find night stalls, fair booths, scared music and dances, presents for the children, night market, etc. at this Festival.

Seaside Restaurant: Umi-no-Ie

Yamanaka Onsen "Seaside Restaurant: Umi-no-Ie"
July 25th ~ August 17th
Customers staying at any of the hotels/Japanese inns at Yamanaka Onsen will receive a discount for the "Umi-no-Ie" that is located by the seashore not far from the Onsen District. Please inquire with your respective accommodation staff.


Yamanaka-bushi Folk Song National Contest

Sea of Japan Folk Song Festival "Yamanaka-bushi Folk Song National Contest"
"Yamanaka-bushi Folk Song Parade"

September 6th
Participants come all over the country to participate in this famous contest. At night you can enjoy a "Yamanaka-bushi Folk Song Parade" where Folk Songs/Dances will be performed by lines of people parading down the streets of Yamanaka Onsen District.

Koi-Koi Festival

"Koi-Koi Festival" -- the biggest event of the year at Yamanaka Onsen
September 22nd and 23rd every year
Enjoy the singing and dancing with everybody from the Onsen District, including local residents, geiko performers, hotel staff members and customers from all over the nation.


Crab Soup Hot-Pot

The Tatse of Mr. Rokusaburo Michiba
"Crab Soup Hot-Pot"

Daily from December 1st ~ March 31st
Enjoy the popular "Crab Soup Hot-Pot" created by the famous Iron Chef Mr. Rokusaburo Michiba.