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Welcome to Yamanaka Onsen. Located in Kaga City of Ishikawa Prefecture, Yamanaka Onsen is an onsen (hot spring) with a special atmosphere. There are various sight-seeing spots including the "Yamanaka-za" where you can fully enjoy a traditional performance art; you can also take a relaxing stroll along the river. The Onsen District is a compact district where you can tour around in just about an hour. With a history of 1300 years, you can enjoy the high quality hot springs, its culture, and magnificent natural sceneries here at Yamanaka Onsen.
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The Onsen District Loop Bus "Osanpo-go" can take you to the various sight-seeing spots and other arts & crafts stores and galleries.


Hands-on Experience!!

You can try your hands on the many Yamanaka Cultural activities, including "Pottery Making" and "Painting" of Yamanaka Lacquerware and Kutaniyaki Porcelain; "Tasting Local Sake"; and "Making Soba Noodles".



You can enjoy the rich variety of seafood as well as delicacies from the mountains; the Crab Hotpot is especially a must-have in the winter season. Also don't miss out on other local gourmet and food products while strolling along in the Onsen District!


Event Information (On-going/Up-coming Events)
"Riverbed" -- a new sightseeing spot along Kakusenkei Gorge that will be opened in Spring. Eiheiji Odekake-go Eiheiji Odekake-go
【Available daily from March 1st ~ November 30th】