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Binaural Contents recorded using the Binaural Method are indicated with this mark. Listening with the earphones gives a feeling of listening to live sounds.
Visiting Fresh Greenery of Kakusenkei Gorge

"Visiting Fresh Greenery of Kakusenkei Gorge"Binaural

Enjoy the sceneries of strange rocks and bridges along the 1.3km strolling path between Koorogi-hashi Bridge and Kurotani-bashi Bridge.

Recorded at: Kakusenkei Gorge; Koorogi-hashi Bridge; Ayatori-hashi Bridge; Kurotani-bashi Bridge; and Basho-do Hut.
Time Duration: 2 minutes 20 seconds

Visiting Cultural Facilities at Yamanaka Onsen

"Visiting Cultural Facilities at Yamanaka Onsen"

Introduces Ioji Temple, which is dedicated to one of the three Medicine Buddha in Japan; Basho-no-yakata Museum, where you will find information on Poet Basho and a beautiful garden inside.

Recorded at: Ioji Temple; Basho-no-yakata Museum; Mugen-an Temple; Kataoka Tsurutaro Craft Museum; Traditional Industry Museum.
Time Duration: 3 minutes

Visiting Onsen

"Visiting Onsen"

A look at Onsen facilities with Yamanaka Bushi's traditional folk music playing in the background.

Recorded: Kiku-no-yu Traditional Public Bath; Ashiyu Foot Spa; Yamanaka-za.
Time Duration: 2 minutes

Visiting Various Facilities/Hands-on Activities

"Visiting Various Facilities/Hands-on Activities"Binaural

Introduces the 'hands-on-activities' in Yamanaka Onsen District.

Recorded at:National Champion of Yamanaka-bushi Contest singing on Osanpo-go Bus; Yamanaka Lacquerware Traditional Industry Museum; Main Onsen Street; Porcelain Painting Activities; Woodturning Lathe Activities.
Time Duration:2 minutes 30 seconds

Visiting Oku-Yamanaka

"Visiting Oku-Yamanaka"Binaural

Introduces the charm of Oku-Yamanaka. Best location to enjoy natural forests. Bus Tour is also available to Oku-Yamanaka.

Recorded at:Kutani Dam; Ko-kutani Killn Site; Kenmin-no-mori.
Time Duration:2 minutes