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Seasonal Sceneries of Yamanaka Onsen

Exquisite Seasonal Sceneries.Enjoy Japan's amazing Nature and unique culture!

For information on events, please go to the "Annual Event Information" Page.


Kakusenkei Gorge
Beautiful greenery and soothing sound of the streams.Natural scenery loved by numerous writers and artists is the best entertainment you can find.
Get away from your everyday life and relax yourself at Yamanaka Onsen.


Feel the cool summer breeze while taking a stroll at the village shrine summer festival.Experience the summer of Japan through festivals and sacred music & dance performances at local shrines.
Next to the ocean, you can also enjoy the magnificent Sea of Japan and the white sand on the beaches.


Ayatori-hashi Bridge
The Great Harvest of Autumn.  Serving you with the delicacies of the Land and the Sea.And the biggest event of Yamanaka -- "Koi Koi Festival".  Local citizens, geiko performers, hotel staff members and tourists come together and enjoy singing and dancing at the Festival.


Ayatori-hashi Bridge
Enjoy Yamanaka residents' warm hospitality and kindness cultivated by a rich culture and relax your body and mind.
Michiba Rokusaburo Hotpots Series

For information on events, please go to the "Annual Event Information" Page.