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Welcome to Yamanaka Onsen.

Onsen District and "Kiku-no-yu"

Founded 1300 years ago.

Yamanaka Onsen is an Onsen (hotspring) District with magnificent natural sceneries and traditional cultures that are still well-preserved in the area.
It is known as the hotspring where many famous writers and artists including Poet Basho has visited; it is also recognized as the home of Yamanaka Lacquerware, Yamanaka-bushi Folk Song, Kutaniyaki Porcelain, and the birthplace of the renowned Japanese Iron Chef Mr. Rokusaburo Michiba.

Beautiful Nature1 Beautiful Nature2

Beautiful Nature

Beautiful scenery of a river stream running through the district and the very unique ambience of the ryokan(traditional Japanese hotel) greet the visitors in Yamanaka Onsen.
You can enjoy the picturesque view of the greenery and the gorge while listening to the chirping of the birds from your ryokan room window; cuisines prepared with ocean and mountain delicacies are also served for your delight.

Main Attractions

There are numerous things to see and enjoy in Yamanaka Onsen.
Starting with a stroll along the Onsen District, there is also the traditional public bath "Kiku-no-yu", the cultural hub of Yamanaka-bushi Folk Song and Seasonal Dances "Yamanaka-za", and various stores that offer hands-on activities for Kutaniyaki Porcelain and Yamanaka Lacquerware decorations.
For more information on sight-seeing spots, please go to the "Tour Around the Onsen District" page.

Onsen District
Onsen District
Yamanaka-za Performance
Yamanaka-za Performance
Hands-on Activities
Hands-on Activities
Ayatori-hashi Bridge
Ayatori-hashi Bridge


Yamanaka Onsen in Taisho Era
Yamanaka Onsen in Taisho Era
More on History

A long time ago, when the capital of Japan was in Nara, a famous monk called Gyoki visited the region of Kaga.
When he reached the Shrine of Sugo, he could see a spectacular violet cloud lingering over the other side of the mountain.
"What an unusual sight!" he thought, so he hiked up the mountain, where he encountered an old man in his eighties. The old man said, "There is a hot spring with perfect temperature here that can cure people's illnesses.
You should dig it up." After leaving Gyoki with these words, the old man disappeared.
Gyoki and his samurai companion Enkyu Kano followed the words and began to dig, and hot spring water spurted out from underground.
Since the ancient times Yamanaka Onsen was known as the best hot spring in Hokuriku and countless visitors came to enjoy the hot spring including Poet Matsuo Basho.

Hot spring

Yamanaka Onsen was praised by Poet Matsuo Basho as one of the three most famous hot springs in the nation for its soothing effect to one's body and soul, and is enjoyed by many visitors even now.

Hot spring1Hot spring2

Nature and Temperature of Yamanaka Onsen

Calcium and Sodium Sulfate; 48.3 Degrees Celsius

Main Benefits

Eases naturopathic pain, muscular pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, bruises, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, over sensitivity to cold, fatigue, arteriosclerosis, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases and motor paralysis. Also helps in recovery period of a disease as well as improve one's health condition.


(gallstone, chronic constipation, obesity, diabetes and gout)