Traditional Culture
Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival
Kakusenkei Kawadoko
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Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival
This festival is one of the seasonal traditions of Yamanaka. During the festival, people sing and dance along to the Yamanaka-bushi, a local folk song. A variety of stalls and tents magically appear at night, stretching along the Yuge-Kaido Street from Hasebe Shrine. At the shrine, visitors can participate in a raffle and worshipers can be blessed by maiden priestesses performing the Yudate-Kagura ritual. The powerful taiko drum performances and dances further enhance the energizing atmosphere of the festival, making it truly an experience to remember. There are also a variety of traditional family-friendly hands-on activities available for visitors and local residents, such as spinning Japanese tops and playing with Japanese paper puppet shows.
Summer Festival
Yudate-Kagura Ritual
At Hasebe Shrine, a shrine dedicated to Lord Nobutsuru Hasebe, the protector of Yamanaka, maiden priestesses perform the Yudate-Kagura Ritual and pray for family safety, peaceful home, and protection from illness and disaster.
Night Stalls
At night, a variety of stalls pop up offering foods and attractions like cotton candy, toys, masks, bows and arrows, shooting galleries, a ball scoop game, ring tosses, and more. Children can have a great time and adults can reminisce about their childhood while enjoying the festive atmosphere.
Guests of the various Yamanaka Onsen hotels and inns receive free vouchers for a raffle at Hasebe Shrine. The raffle features a variety of great prizes that will make for great memories of your time at Yamanaka Onsen.