Local Yamanaka Specialties
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Local Yamanaka Specialties
Yamanaka Onsen is a treasure trove of culinary delights, ranging from dishes featuring the mountain vegatables nourished by the waters of snowy Mt. Hakusan to a cornucopia of fresh seafood caught in the neighboring Sea of Japan. Each season sees a unique taste and flavor that is artfully complemented by beautiful plates and bowls made using local traditional craftsmanship. Home to many famous chefs and loved by foodies throughout Japan, Yamanaka Onsen will leave your stomach satisfied.
Local Specialties
Nya-Nya Manju
Nya-Nya Manju (a bun filled with red-bean paste) gets its name from the local Kaga dialect. The additional blend of black sugar and local miso paste enhances the fragrance of the bun and gives it a unique mild sweetness.
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"Horse Patty" Dango (Uma-no-kuso dango)
In the past, tea shops in Kashiwano Village would serve "Kusa Dango" (kusa means "grass") to guests who stopped by for a quick break. It was a recipe handed down to the locals by Taira Clan samurai warriors as they were fleeing after having lost the Genpei War. However, someone thought the snack resembled horse manure and nicknamed the dish "Uma-no-Kuso Dango" (uma-no-kuso means "horse manure", or more politely, “horse patty”). The dish has been called that ever since.
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Onsen Tamago - A Local Yamanaka Delicacy
Yamanaka Onsen Tamago
literally "Yamanaka hot spring eggs", are beloved for their delicious taste and for the creamy texture of both the egg yolk and the egg white. They also keep for a good amount of time. This is a must-eat local cuisine for all visitors to Yamanaka Onsen. They can also be shipped throughout Japan.
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Jinenjo (literally "nature potato")
also known as the wild mountain yam or the Japanese yam, grows wild in the mountains of Yamanaka and differs from the typical potatoes (originally from China) that are cultivated in the fields. Prized for its unique flavor, viscosity, and high nutrition content, the Jinenjo has come to be known as the "King of Mountain Vegetables”. Jinenjo can be shipped throughout Japan.
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Shishi-no-Sato: Local Yamanaka Sake
The history of Shishi-no-Sato (literally the "lion's home"), a local Yamanaka sake, dates back to 1757 and has developed alongside the onsen town. In the past, this sake was served to customers in front of the Kiku-no-Yu bathhouse. The serving girls would wear yukatas (summer Japanese kimono) that made them look like lions, which is how the sake got its current name.
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